Looking After The Admin, While You Look After Your Guests

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Automated E-mails

GuestGuardian generates emails for confirmations, deposit requests and Trip Advisor review requests, displays them for you to check and then sends them. No more cut/paste or repetative typing.

Holding a room

Whenever a guest enters a booking online the room is held in the availability calendar until either the deposit is received or you cancel the booking. No more accidentally taking two bookings for the same room/day.

And if a guest asks you to hold a room for them whilst they finalise their travel plans you can simply enter the booking (which will block the availability calendar) and then set the deposit reminder to display in a couple of days so you don't accidentally leave it blocked.

Audit Trail

All changes in GuestGuardian are recorded in the audit trail, including the ID of the person making the change. The audit trail is accessed from a button on the menu bar of every page and also on the "Show Guest" page, so you can see audit entries specific to that booking.

Full Security

All screens are accessable only by logged on IDs, different levels of control are assignable to each userid. And all userids I recorded against entries in the audit trail so you can see exactly who made any change.

Income Report

A monthly income report details all transactions, for easy accounting at the end of the month. It even lists all PayPal fees against each transaction so you can keep track of your expenses.

Search Facility

Find a booking easily using the search facility. You can search by

  • Guest name
  • Booking date
  • E-mail address

You can also go to the availability calendar and click on a day/room to display the booking.

Easy Amendments

GuestGuardian allows easy changes to rooms, dates, rates and occupancy. And becuase it keeps an audit trail you can see who made a change to a booking.

You can even record your own audit entries and add reminders for the future.

Easily Customized

GuestGuardian can be customised to match the way you work.

Your Own Domain

hen you are set up on GuestGuard you'll be given your own domain name for access:-

And your own database, which will be backed up automatically on a 7 day cycle for added security.


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