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Displaying Guest Details.  
Show Guest

On any page in GG that the guest name is displayed you can click that name and see the all the details about that booking on the "Show Guest" screen.

This page is split into 3 sections as detailed below.

  Guest Details Box.

The top box on the "Show Guest" screen gives details of the person making the booking. Name, email addresses and telephone number.

The address is completed automatically when PayPal processes a deposit and the deposit payment are shown on the right of the box.

The top right hand corner displays the status of the booking, "Awaiting Deposit", "Confirmed" and "Checked Out" are some of the most common.

And the "Action" field shows the processes available against this booking. In the example shown you can see from the status that the guest has already checked out and the "Action" the only thing left to do is to email the guest and ask for a Trip Advisor review to be posted.

Guest Details


Booking Details Box.  

The "Booking Details" box shows the actual booking, rooms, dates and prices. It also shows any payments received and it's possible to add charges for extra services.

In the example shown as the guest has already checked out the "Booking Details" box shows the total charge for the rooms, when and how the deposit and final payment was made

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